Preparation for Permanent Makeup and CRT

Before scheduling let’s make sure you are a good candidate for services. If you have any of the following contraindications, it is in your best interest to contact me at 208.242.2424 prior to booking.

Contraindications are but not limited to:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breast feeding
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Valve Disease
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • On blood thinners
  • Thyroid Issues / Medications
  • On certain medications & vitamins
  • Having skin conditions near procedure area.
  • Undergoing cancer treatments
  • Recent beauty enhancements such as Botox, fillers, lash growth serums, and use of Accutane or Retin-A

It’s best to have non-irritated, non-sensitive, healthy skin. Here are the following to consider prior to your procedure…

  • No Accutane 1 year prior.
  • No lash serums 12 weeks prior.
  • No Botox, fillers, or Retinol 4 weeks prior.
  • No facials, peels, or micro-dermabrasion 2 weeks prior.
  • No tanning in the sun or beds 2 weeks prior.
  • No unprotected sun exposure 1 week prior.
  • No waxing, tweezing, or electrolysis 1 week prior.
  • No Fish Oil, Vitamin E, Garlic, Ginkgo biloba, Ginger, Baby Aspirin, or any other blood thinners 1 week prior.

*Always consult with your Physician before discontinuing use of prescribed medication.

Notice: There is a possibility of an allergic reaction to Henna, Pigments, and or Topicals. A free patch test is available. If you would like one, please schedule at least 48 hours prior to a procedure.

Lip Procedures

If you’ve had chickenpox, cold sores, or are unsure, you must get an antiviral medication from your Doctor such as Acyclovir (Zovirax), Famciclovir (Famvir), and Valacyclovir (Valtrex) to prevent an outbreak. If you have not had chickenpox, or cold sores you willl need an herbal supplement called Lysine which may be purchased at any health food location. Please consult with your physician prior to taking anything recommended. Either of the above must be taken 5 days prior and 5 days after your procedure. The reason is when you have a permanent makeup procedure applied to your lip area it can awaken a dormant virus and cause an outbreak of cold sores. There have been extreme cases even when clients say they have never had a cold sore. It is imperative to help with preventing an outbreak and ensuring your procedure may heal nicely, even though there are still no guarantees.

Aftercare for Permanent Makeup 

Brows, Eyes, & Lips


  • blot the area with tissue to absorb any fluid.
  • use 4 wipes hourly & wipe gently.
  • before bed apply ointment & dab with tissue
  • use a clean pillowcase and change every few days

DAYS 2-7

  • use clean fingertips to wash morning & night with gentle cleanser. allow to air dry or pat with tissue.
  • apply rice grain amount of after care 2-4 times a day as needed, dab with tissue so its left veil like thin & can breathe.
  • do not leave on too thick.
  • never allow area to feel dried out.


  • apply makeup near area.
  • exercise, sweat, take long hot showers, be near steam or in saunas. it will push color out.
  • go in pools, lakes, rivers, oceans, or other bodies of water. dirt, sand & water may cause irritation and or infection.
  • be in sun without coverage. sun exposure may cause hyper/hypo pigmentation to the area.
  • visit nail salons, night clubs, zoos, or places that have obvious yuck in the air.
  • garden or do yard work.
  • have facials, chemical peels, botox, or other treatments until 4 weeks after procedure.
  • sleep on side or stomach. try & sleep on your back if possible.
  • use products containing ahas, glycolic, lactic acids, retinol, or similar lightening products around the area. it will fade your color.
  • use lash enhancement serums, they may lighten eyeliner procedures.
  • allow pets near area. be sure to sanitize after handling pets.
  • rub, pick, scratch, or touch the treated area. let scabbing exfoliate away naturally. picking can and will cause scarring and loss of color!

DO: be cautious when showering. Try not to get area wet.