Frequently Asked Questions


We have answers for all your permanent makeup questions. If you don’t see it here, contact us and we’ll answer you within the next business day.

What is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is the art and application of custom color blended pigments inserted into the dermal layer of skin to create beautiful soft and natural eyebrows, eyeliner or lips. 

What is paramedical tattoo / permanent makeup?

Paramedical Permanent Makeup is a term that we use when we are performing procedures such as…

  • Areola re-pigmentation for cancer survivors after surgery
  • Scar Relaxation for burn survivors or others in need of the release of fibrous bands of scar tissue giving the client maneuverability to the affected area
  • Melanocyte Restoration which restores the melanin to hypo-pigmented tissue making the affected area blend with the natural skin tones
  • Skin Needling to plump up wrinkles, acne scars, any indented area and stretch marks
  • Corrective Pigment Camouflage where custom blended skin tone pigments are inserted into scars to camouflage them

Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

Yes, it is totally safe if:

  • You have a technician that is licensed and well educated (Certified)
  • The technician is licensed by the Health Department (if applicable)
  • The technician has a business license in his or her local city
  • The technician is current with their Blood Borne Pathogen (BBP) education which in most states is required to be taken yearly.
  • The technician follows all of OSHA and CDC guidelines for cross contamination
  • The technician uses only single, sterile, one time use needles. Machine parts are properly disinfected or autoclaved
  • Products used are of high quality and properly disposed of after your procedure

Are Consultations Offered?

AJ offers free consultations before she schedules any appointments. This way you can discuss the procedure you are interested in, ask questions, go over your pre and post care instructions and make sure you’re a good candidate.

If you are having an eyebrow procedure you will discuss shape, color, and style of brow you’re wanting. AJ will also offer a quick design so you can have an idea of what to expect. All other procedures will be discussed in detail as needed.

AJ never books on day of consultation as she would hate to have any high pressure situations. She strongly believes it is a big decision to make and would like for you to think about it and make sure you’re 100% comfortable with her and with what will be done. She will follow-up with you in 24 hours to see if you’ve decided to move forward.

Are You a Good Candidate For Permanent Make-Up?

It is important to make sure you are a good candidate for permanent make-up. This means you are someone who is generally healthy and not on certain medications, natural supplements, or having certain medical conditions. If you have any contraindications it is in your best interest to either wait or not have a permanent make-up procedure. If you do have any of the following, AJ would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns with you.

  • Pregnant or Breast Feeding
  • Diabetes (Controlled & Uncontrolled)
  • Heart Valve Disease
  • Autoimmune Disorders
  • On blood thinners
  • On certain medications or natural supplements
  • Thyroid Issues/Medications
  • Skin conditions near procedure area such as eczema, psoriasis, keratosis pilaris, rosacea, and dermatitis
  • Prone to keloid scarring
  • Currently undergoing any type of cancer treatments
  • Receiving any type of beauty enhancements such as Botox, Fillers, Lash growth serums , or Accutane / Retin-A (You must wait 4 weeks after Botox or Fillers, 12 weeks after lash growth serums, and 12 months after Accutane or Retin-A)

If you do have any of the above, Aj would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns with you.

If you are under a physician’s care we want you to obtain a release written on their prescription note pad stating that it is safe for you to have a procedure performed. Your health care provider will know if you will heal without any complications or if you are prone to infections or have a compromised immune system.

Also, for best results it’s best to have non-irritated, non-sensitive, healthy skin. 

Here are the following to consider prior to your procedure…

  • No Accutane 1 year prior.
  • No lash serums 12 weeks prior.
  • No Botox, fillers, or Retinol 4 weeks prior.
  • No facials, peels, or micro-dermabrasion 2 weeks prior.
  • No tanning in the sun or beds 2 weeks prior.
  • No unprotected sun exposure 1 week prior.
  • No waxing, tweezing, or electrolysis 1 week prior.
  • No Fish Oil, Vitamin E, Garlic, Ginkgo biloba, Ginger, Baby Aspirin, or any other blood thinners 1 week prior.

*Always consult with your Physician before discontinuing use of prescribed medication.

How Long Do The Actual Procedures Take?

Permanent makeup procedures take 3-4 hours. Time usually goes as follows:

  • Time to talk, go over paperwork, and take before pictures. (45 minutes – 1hr)
  • Time to work on perfecting your design and choose color (up to 1 hour)
  • Time to allow the anesthesia to work & implant pigment (up to 2 hours)

Collagen Rejuvenation procedures take 2+ hours. Time usually goes as follows:

  • Time to talk, go over paperwork, and take before pictures. (30 minutes)
  • Time to numb the area and make sure you’re comfortable (30 minutes)
  • Time to perform actual procedure (1 hour)

It is a process AJ likes to take time with you and not be rushed. Procedures may take longer depending on the condition and hydration of your skin, pain threshold, anxiety level, and if you are on any medication or homeopathics that may cause bleeding. Your second session for permanent make-up will not take as long as most of the work has already been done, yet can still take up to 3 hours.

Why Do Some People Take a Benadryl or Antihistamine Prior To Their Procedure?

Any type of antihistamine will slow down the release of histamine in the procedure area. This serves a three-fold purpose:

  • The antihistamine will dry up tears making eyeliner procedures easier for the technician.
  • The antihistamine will lessen the swelling effect on all areas making the insertion of pigment easier and less chance of complications from swelling.
  • The antihistamine is a technicians friend. It’s more about having a smoother canvas to work with.

AJ highly recommends a client bring a Benadryl with them to take when advised. However, you must always consult with your health care provider before taking anything recommended. 

Are The Procedures Painful?

Pain is relevant and so it’s difficult to explain what pain levels are from one person to another. However, AJ uses the most effective topical anesthesia’s available and prides herself in providing generally pain-free procedures. So much so, almost all clients fall asleep and her 5 star reviews reflect just that.

If you are a person who is anxious or tense when you are having any type of procedure you will feel more discomfort. In this instance we suggest contacting your health care provider for an anti-anxiety medication. If you take any medication you should not drive and have someone bring you and pick you up . There are also several homeopathic remedies that will calm you that can be found in any health food stores. Please advise AJ if this is the case.

How Long Does Permanent Makeup Last?

This is one question that is the most difficult to answer as there are so many determining factors. If Permanent Makeup is applied correctly, pigments used are of high quality and the client follows their aftercare exactly as prescribed by their technician, the procedure may last 2, 5, or even up to 7+ years. However, Microblading may only last 1-2 years. All permanent make-up procedures do require refreshers as needed for desired results.

Determining factors are:

  • Overall general health
  • Cell turnover rate
  • Medications
  • Skin care products
  • Skin treatments
  • Sun, Tanning Beds, Chlorine
  • Lifestyle and Smoking

What Will I Look Like After My Procedure?

Depending on how many times we had to go over an area to implant the pigment, your skin may show very little signs of trauma or may be swollen and red. If you have taken an antihistamine, your swelling will be less than if you have not taken any medication. You may notice swelling & redness for 24-48 hours.

The area will appear dark at first because of the blood and lymph that has been brought to the surface during the permanent makeup application. 

What Is The Average Fee For Permanent Makeup?

The average fee for a lip, eyebrow or eyeliner procedure can range from approximately $400.00 to $2000.00 depending on the area and the Artist.

Eyebrow procedures are usually the most costly of permanent make-up do to many varying factors. 

Clients should be aware of the technician’s expertise and their credentials. Is the technician following all Bloodborne Pathogen Laws, their Health Department Regulations, using sterile single packaged needles, and the best products? 

What Are The Risk of Permanent Makeup or Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy?

When choosing to have any type of procedure it is important to be aware of the risks. Although most clients have never experienced any of the following, there is still potential for complications. We can assure you that Aj will do everything possible to help avoid such complications, however there are no guarantees.

Risks & Complications are:

  • risk of infection
  • scarring
  • eye damage
  • inconsistent color
  • hyper-pigmentation
  • hypo-pigmentation
  • hemorrhage
  • allergic reaction to pigments and or products
  • possible spreading, fanning, or fading of pigments
  • actual color of the pigment may be modified due to the tone and color of skin
  • possibility of no color retaining whatsoever after healing

How Do I Care For My Procedure After?

You will also receive an “After Care” package consisting of paperwork with instructions on how to care for your procedure area and items needed to do so.

It is best that you use only use what is given to you by AJ. Using Neosporin, bacitracin or other products may cause an allergic reaction on open skin. If you experience any type of redness, irritation or pain stop using the product and contact AJ immediately.

Aj does 50% to give you a beautiful procedure, while you are responsible for the other 50% with your aftercare. Follow your aftercare instructions exactly and more than likely you will have beautiful results..

Together we can create a long lasting, beautiful, natural permanent makeup results!


*FAQs provided courtesy of Ms Susan Church from International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics along with additions and changes by Aj Bendtsen with Butterfly Kisses by Aj*