Throughout my training and practice I have come across some very informative Articles and Blogs that have been written by women who are highly recognized and respected in the industry. I personally admire these women tremendously and  would love to share their knowledge with others. Please feel free to learn more by clicking their links!

Permanent Makeup vs. Microblading: What’s the difference? by Marisol Medina


Permanent Makeup Tips for Clients by Ms Susan Church of IIPC


What Is Microblading, Actually? by Tina Davies


Am I A Good Candidate For Microblading? by Tina Davies


Microblading Prep & Aftercare by Tina Davies


The Real Experience: Microblading Healing Day by Day by Tina Davies


Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy™ Plumps Up Wrinkles by Ms Susan Church of IIPC


Skin Needling, Melanocyte Restoration and Scar Relaxation by Ms Susan Church of IIPC