Hi, I’m Aj!

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I wanted to share a little about myself and how I became a permanent makeup artist.

I’ve always had friends and family ask me to do their hair and makeup for them. I loved doing it and enjoyed seeing the expression on their face when they saw how beautiful they looked. Knowing I could make a difference in someone’s life just by enhancing their beauty felt pretty amazing to me. I also had a thing for doodling faces, but specifically eyes, brows, and lips. You would find these doodles all over my notebooks from middle school through high school. Who would’ve known I’d be actually doing these drawing and live faces!

When Microblading surfaced I was really impressed with the results people were getting and had considered having the procedure done for myself. As I delved deeper into the research I couldn’t seem to learn enough and I completely fell in love and became obsessed with the world of permanent makeup. The thought of doing something I was already passionate about was exciting and I couldn’t wait to get started!

Knowing the high standards I have for myself and my work, I knew to be the best, I needed to learn from the best. After extensive research, I found Ms. Susan Church of International Institute of Permanent Cosmetics. After 30 years in the industry she is very well respected in this field and widely recognized by many. I feel so honored to have studied with her and perfected my craft under her supervision. Now, I am a insured multi-certified permanent makeup artist. I’m also certified in microblading, collagen rejuvenation therapy, scar revision/relaxation, melanocyte restoration, & color removal. Because I always want to offer my clients the best I can give, I vow to continue to learn and grow and to remain at the top of my field!

Why the name “Butterfly Kisses by Aj”? Well, it was really hard to come up a name that I would be proud of. One day while brainstorming with my family we were talking about the love I have for butterflies. Then my husband shouts out, “What about Butterfly Kisses by Aj”!? Wouldn’t you know it made sense! First, because I absolutely LOVE butterflies. Second, butterflies go through a metamorphosis of change as would my clients somewhat. We wouldn’t be changing who they are but instead only enhancing their natural beauty. And third, the kisses part made sense as well because butterfly kisses  given to one another are gentle and sweet. I do my very best to be extremely gentle with my clients as I would never want them to feel uneasy, scared, or in pain.

Speaking of husband, I’m happily married to one of the greatest guys ever and we have two incredible sons. We live in the beautiful city of Eagle, Idaho and my studio is located Eagle as well. I am extremely grateful for all of the love, support, and encouragement I have from my family, friends, and our community.

I am overjoyed with the life I have been blessed with and as a believer I feel it’s important for me to pass on some of those blessings to others and try to give back as much as possible. A small way I can do that is by providing seniors, veterans, active military, first responders, teachers, beauty professionals and their spouses a $25 discount on permanent makeup procedures.

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about me. I look forward to working with you soon and enhancing an already beautiful you!